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What Happens On The Day Of The Event?

Important Information

Important Info

What Happens On The Day Of The Event?

Please stick to the agreed serving time and remember to keep your phone switched on if we need to contact you. We do not do site visits before the event. Therefore please ensure that our machines will fit through doors and gates. Contact the office immediately if there is a problem with anything on the day of the event so we can quickly assist you.

We will calculate a Nyama braai master and travel cost according to the distance and size of your event.

Please refer to the Catering Terms & Conditions for Health and Safety, allergies, portion sizes, special dietary requirements, payment terms and cancellation policies.

We Need The Following:

  • Clear Directions

    We need clear directions to your venue, especially if it is hard to find on Google Maps or your event is in a rural area.

  • Easy Access

    We need easy access to your premises to load our equipment.

  • Water Source

    We need a water source for food preparation and handwashing.

  • Undercover Area

    We need an undercover area, like a gazebo or lapa, to set up our equipment and for serving and braaiing.

  • Adequate Lighting

    We need adequate lighting if we serve at night.

  • Containers For Leftovers

    Please provide us with enough containers for leftover storage. We can not leave any equipment behind for food storage purposes.

Serving Utensils

What Serving Utensils Do We Use?

  • Black Tablecloths with Red Overlays
  • Stainless Bain Mare's for Hot Dishes
  • Stainless Salad Bowls & Stainless Steel Serving Spoons for Salads
  • All other Serving Dishes are Stainless Steel
  • White China Plates

    We rent them from our supplier, they all look similar.

  • Standard Catering Stainless Steel Cutlery
  • Salad Dressing, Butter, Ice Cream And Custard are as purchased

How Does It Work?


Our chefs will arrive approximately 3 to 4 hours before serving time, depending on the menu and size of the function.

Upon our arrival, our chef will arrange with the contact person (function coordinator) where to set up our serving table and catering equipment. Our staff only answer to one person in charge.

We start off-loading our vehicle and take all our equipment to the designated area where we will set up the serving station and braai. Please ensure that we have easy access for our vehicle to off-load and access to the site where we need to braai.

If our chefs are 15 minutes late due to traffic, please inform us so we can follow up.

The Setup

We do “Buffet-Style” catering; therefore, we will set up a table on which the cutlery, crockery, condiments & garnishes, and all the side dishes are served (except for side dishes that are served directly from our stainless gas spit braais). We provide paper serviettes, salt, pepper and salad dressing on the serving tables. You are welcome to add additional condiments & garnishes.

Here your guests will help themselves to a plate and cutlery and allow themselves to the side dishes provided.

For 50+ functions, we send two chefs. One will look after the buffet table, keeping everything tidy and assisting the guests, whilst the second chef will serve the meats and potatoes directly from the spit braai.

The serving time is 90 minutes for the main course and 30 minutes for the dessert.

After all the guests have seconds or thirds, our chefs will start clearing up the dirty plates from the tables, and we will begin decanting out all the leftovers in your containers that you must provide for this. Please note that we don’t leave any of our equipment behind.

We prepare a dessert table after serving the main meal. We start serving dessert once we have cleared away the dinner plates. We do dessert for a 30-minute duration after the main course.

Please note that we don’t allow our chefs to clear away any empty alcoholic bottles in and around the venue, for it can be easily perceived that they are consuming alcohol whilst on duty.

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