Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

A whole pig roast or a whole lamb cooks to perfection in 2-3 hours. After the hog or lamb is cooked, we will carve the meat (30-45 minutes) into our machine, where we baste it with our unique (and very secret!) basting sauce. Now we are ready to serve.

We bring our table and tablecloth, although if you have a specific colour scheme, please provide your own tablecloth as ours might be a bit of a clash.

NO! In these times of uncertain energy sources, we’ve thought it best to rely on manpower for driving our spitbraai’s.

Children younger than ten eat for half price.

Please supply us with the final details no less than ten days before your function.

We travel almost anywhere in SA, depending on the size of the function. We will calculate travel fees from our offices in Pretoria East to your event address, calculated based on a return trip.

We have GPS systems, so a postcode, street name, and number are usually sufficient. If, however, you know by experience that the address is hard to find, please be so kind as to send through some directions.

Included in the price for hiring our plates and cutlery, we will clear all of this and take it away dirty.

Indeed it will be a whole animal, but we do away with the head seeing that some sensitive viewers might take offence.

Yes, it will be illegal and a considerable health risk to do it any other way.

We would require 3 x 3 meters. If numbers exceed 200ppl, we would need to double the space, which means that for every 200ppl, the set-up space needs to be doubled.

We can certainly assist with Vegetarian & Vegan options. Please enquire when requesting your quotation.

Due to the nature of our business, this could be a bit difficult as most of our functions are private, and we can’t do a Whole Hog or Lamb just for one or two people to have a tasting. We can send you some trade references to put your mind at ease.

We prefer an outdoor space for cooking but have done this indoors several times. Due to the nature of our machinery (gas operated), there is no smoke and mess, so theoretically, it works like an oven. The only problem would be heat-detecting fire alarms. These are found in some indoor spaces and would be a problem seeing that the machines give off a fair share of heat. Otherwise, it will be no problem at all!

Please make sure to have some extra dishes/bowls at hand, for there will likely be some leftovers which would make for a festive breakfast the next day!

We require a 50% deposit to firm up a booking. You can pay it by transferring the money straight into our bank account. As soon as we receive your booking form, we will reply with the payment details.

The balance is payable on the day through either cash or proof of online payment. If you want to do a bank transfer for the balance, please do this in advance, as it could take up to 3 days to clear in our account.

It very much depends on numbers, menu etc. However, We will ensure that you have enough staff to ensure a smooth running of events on the day. You may require additional staff to run the bar or other odd jobs; we will gladly refer you to the relevant people.

Unfortunately, we do not provide this service.

We cater for a minimum of 15 adults. Spitbraai Menus require a minimum of 35 adults since we prepare a whole animal.

This again very much depends on numbers, menu etc. But we will serve until everyone has had 1sts, 2nds, 3rds and even 4ths! On average, this takes about 90 minutes.

We would need access of no less than 90 cm in width and 1.5 meters in height.

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